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How do you show exhibits in a motion to dismiss which can be used as supporting evidence to help oppose a motion to dismiss?

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    Factual exhibits are rarely used in a motion to dismiss -- but it isn't clear if you are trying to dismiss a criminal indictment, a civil lawsuit, an appeal, etc. etc.

    There are many different types of a motion to dismiss. You should look at the applicable Ohio rules of procedure, Criminal, Civil, Appellate, etc. and also look at the local rules of whatever court your case is in. As always, an experienced lawyer is going to have a better shot at winning any type of motion practice, but if you want to review the rules on your own, it's better than walking into court without ever having read any applicable rules of procedure.

  2. Exhibits aren't part of a motion to dismiss. Your post reveals a basic misunderstanding of the law.

    I urge you to hire an attorney.

  3. Just staple your proofs (or photo copies) to your motion, and refer to them in the motion. That should work.

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