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Show Cause Hearing- Non Payment: Can i still go to jail if, A large portion of arrears have been forgiven?

Sterling Heights, MI |
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I have been out of work for a little over a year, and i am currently days away from getting back to work. My fear is, that i won't be able to fulfill my obligation to the job if i was to be locked up. My ex has forgiven a substantial amount of arrears about a week prier to the hearing. My ex is going to forgive the rest just as soon as i come up with 100.00 dollars it cost to file a motion. Which would leave the states interest only, I'm not sure my ex can forgive the states interest, that may be something i can settle with them after the case is closed, which will be after the motion to forgive (balance) is settled.

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The short answer is YES, you can still go to jail if the arrears have not been repaid in full. However, if you have worked something out with your ex, and she is willing to testify to that at the hearing then you should most likely be able to avoid any time. Another thing the court is going to look at is how many times this has happened before.

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