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Shoulder surgery receiving workers compensation what would be the average demand for a settlement?

Madison, GA |

Waiting on settlement for 5 years how many weeks do I have left for benefits in Georgia?

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For indemnity benefits, it is 400 weeks from the date of the accident or 350 weeks from the date of the accident if your benefit was been properly reduced to temporary partial disability. Subsequently, you may be entitled to permanency benefits.

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You are eligible for 400 weeks of benefits unlrss you have been on light duty for one year and the insurance company filed proper paperwork. In that case, you could get benefits for 350 weeks. More information would need to be known before your car could be evaluated. For instance, We do not know how much you get for weekly benefits or your disabilIty rating. You should get an attorney to help you evaluate your case properly.


To get the best result get a workers comp atty to assist you. The ins company does this everyday and is not there for your benefit no matter how nice the adjuster is to you

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As stated in other answers, you are entitled to benefits for 350 weeks from the date of injury if you have been released to light duty work, or 400 weeks from the date of injury if you have not been released to light duty work. After that you would be entitled to weekly benefits for permanent partial disability.

The question of settlement value of the case depends on a number of factors, including the amount of your weekly benefits, your education, work history and experience, severity of the injury, permanency of the injury, permanent impairment rating, and various other factors that affect the insurance company's exposure going forward. This is a question that you would need to discuss with a qualified workers' compensation attorney to get a meaningful answer. Most of us offer free consultations.

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In case you are not good at math, 400 weeks = 7.5 years (approximately). 350 weeks = 6.5 years (approx).


Every case is different, so coming up with a ballpark settlement number in your situation really can't be done without having an experienced workers' compensation attorney evaluate all of the unique aspects of your claim. As others here have posted, however, any settlement will almost always be less if you go it alone rather than hiring an experienced workers' compensation attorney to protect your rights and to guide you through the settlement process. For these reasons, I'd recommend you hire a workers' compensation attorney without delay. Thank you for your inquiry, and I wish you all the best with your claim and continued medical recovery.

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I have read some of the comments and would also suggest that you have an independent medical evaluation done to determine your permanent disability. That would give you a good insight as to what type of medical care you will need in the future as well as what limitations you have right now!
I did have a question for you. Have you applied for social security benefits? You may very well be entitled to those as well!



No I not applied was unaware that I can do that. I do have an attorney and would like to change to get someone who is more helpful how would you suggest I go about this

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