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Should you bring a lawyer with you if called by the police for questioning

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My daughter gave notice at her job because they were not promoting as promised. She found a job that paid her twice what she makes now. Before she left they approached her and asked if she would stay, she declined and started her new job shortly after. It seems as if a key board to the safe was damaged and money was missing from my daughters deposit on her last night there. The police said since she had very recently had her wages garnished for a medical bill that that was enough for probable cause. I say she needs a lawyer she is only 24 and has never been through anything like this and should have someone there with her. I know she did not do anything wrong but I cannot be there does bringing a lawyer make you look guilty. I don't really care if it does I know how wrong things can go.

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    She should absolutely NOT talk to the police. Period. Talk to an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as you can. He or she will get your daughter's version of events and can then make a recommendation as to whether she should talk to the police. In 15 years of practice I can count on one hand the number of times I have recommended that my clients talk to the police, and I have never recommended that they talk without me present. I highly encourage you to call a criminal defense attorney BEFORE your daughter talks to the police.

  2. You are very correct. Having a lawyer makes you smart, not guilty. Your daughter needs to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney before she makes any statements to police. Most attorneys would likely advise your daughter not to meet with police or make any statements to them.

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  3. I strongly advise you to have a lawyer present. Police often engage in reasonable subterfuge and trick people into making certain statements or take them out of context. They are generally much more careful when an attorney is present. An attorney can also present facts or proffer things and they are not considered admissions.

  4. Do not let her speak to the police! In my experience, the police only want to fill in the holes of their investigation, so speaking with them only helps their case. Feel free to call me on my mobile phone, I do not charge for initial consultations.
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  5. Retain an attorney immediately. A competent criminal defense attorney will reach out to the police on behalf of your daughter in advance of any scheduled meeting. If your daughter speaks to the police alone, believing she is saying nothing inculpating, her words may still be taken out of context and used against her. Hire an attorney immediately.

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