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Should we get a lawyer

Marietta, PA |

on 1-8-13 my husband got pulled over for a faulty license plate lamp not for any other reason is what the police man said so when he ran husband name there was a warrent out on him so husband went to york county..on top of that his license are suppended for old dui in 90 and for child support cop couldnt figure out whatwas wrong with his license so he told husband he will get something in the mail for i went to pick up his car and when i got there started the car the light for his tag worked..should we get a lawyer to fight this because the light did work and im thinking it would be his(cop) word over are word..remember he wasnt speed or doing anything wrong just pulled over for a light that does work

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    Your Husband should meet with a criminal defense attorney to review not only the traffic matter but also the old criminal case.

  2. There seems to be numerous issues that need to be addressed. You definitely need to sit down with someone.

  3. I agree with what has been said thus far, but I would wait until your husband receives the citation in the mail. A meeting with an attorney before the citation is known would not be terribly productive. Note there are strict time limitations on challenging a citation, so take it to an attorney after it arrives without delay. Good luck.

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