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Should we expect jail time or probation????????

Denver, CO |

My husband was caught 3 times driving without a license, after the second time he got his license suspended. Just recently he got pulled over the third time for a red light violation, no proof of insurance, and of course driving without a license...although his license was eligable for reinstatement he had not yet started the process do to lack of funds to pay 95 dollar fee. So being that his license was suspended but eligible for reinstatement this last time we are not sure what to expect....he was not arrested or towed this 3rd time only ticketed....please help

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  1. Your 3rd time for Driving without a license - jail is certainly possible. It could be up to 180 days for the first offense - I believe it's up to a year for the 3rd offense. If you have a job, you can request work release. A third offense for driving without insurance will be a $1000 fine, losing your license for 8 months, and probably community service. You also will probably need the SR22 insurance - which is costly. All of this is going to make the $95 look like a good deal. I suggest he talk to an attorney.

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  2. Just curious. Is there some logical legitimate reason to explain why he failed 3 times to drive with his driver's license in his pocket?

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  3. Get the license and ask for a non-moving violation as a plea bargain.

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