Should she fire the public defender and hire an attorney? Why should she take the 12 without seeing the evidence they have onher

My girlfriend is incarcarated at the Hardin Co. jail in Ky. Her charges are traffiking a controlled substance, possesion, and a pfo 1. She has only been locked up two months and she went to court today. They offered her 12 years and said she had untill tomorrow to decide or they are gonna take it to trial. She still hasn't seen her motion a discovery.She has a public defender that isn't trying to help and is not concerned about her best interest.

Elizabethtown, KY -

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Frank Mascagni III

Frank Mascagni III

Criminal Defense Attorney - Louisville, KY

A client needs to have faith in her attorney. If she does not trust her attorney and can afford private counsel, she needs to seek a second opinion. This is a serious matter and could result in a sentence of 10 years to serve as a PFO-I at an 85% service rate or a flat 10 years to serve in the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women.

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Michael William Bouldin

Michael William Bouldin

Criminal Defense Attorney - Covington, KY

Generally most prosecutors will allow review of evidence before deciding whether to accept a plea deal. Only the defendant knows what she actually did. Federal prosecutors do not always give all of the evidence, only that which is required. Some state prosecutors play similar games. If the public defender is not sharing the evidence, she should seek private counsel.

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