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Should my jobs insurance pay for ambulance bill?

Hesperia, CA |

I was in a car accident while delivering pizzas, someone called the cops and i was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I got a hospital bill in the mail and told them to send it to my jobs workers comp insurance. After two months i got a bill saying that they only paid 300$ out of a 1500$ bill. What can i do.

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If it is a worker's compensation claim there is likely a state statute that provides what the hospital can bill for certain services, which is probably why worker's compensation only paid a portion of the bill. If the auto accident was not your fault, you may have a claim against the at fault driver for whatever injuries you sustained, including the hospital bill. However, all states are different on how they handle the determination of the medical expenses you may be entitled to recover when a reduced amount is paid by worker's compensation. Next, if you have health insurance your health insurance should pay the bill - based on its contracted rates with the hospital and then, if it has the right under your health insurance contract recover what it paid if you recover from the at fault party. There could be other options as well.

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You should consult with a workers compensation attorney. The insurance typically has an obligation to pay the reasonable amounts owed -- this amount is typically accepted as full and final payment of the bill. This appears to be something that should be covered by worker's compensation insurance.. Best of luck.

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As a California car accident lawyer, the ER's refusal to accept payment from the Work Comp carrier as payment in full may be to your benefit if the accident was not your fault. What you may not know is that you could have both a Work Comp claim as well as a Personal Injury claim. While the two are entangled by the CA Labor Code, a personal injury attorney would be able to help you avoid the entanglement and possibly allow you to benefit from parsing out the two claims. You can find highly rated injury attorneys in your area on Until you get advice from a car accident attorney, the question is not 'What can i do' but rather 'Should i do anything about it at this time?'
for statutory 'owner liability' and separately for 'negligent entrustment'

As stated above, this is an incomplete answer but an attempt to provide a cursory overview of a subject that attorneys 'practice' and improve upon during the entirety of their legal careers. This response is not meant as legal advice or as a legal opinion. Such advice would be impossible or impractical without additional information and more facts giving rise to the question. A consultation with an attorney is necessary.


If worker's comp paid the bill, you do not have to pay them a dime until you get compensation from the third party. Eventually, your attorney will settle with the ambulance company. Best of luck.

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