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Should i wear a business suit to superior court (name change, pro se)

Atlanta, GA |

or can business casual be fine?

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It doesn't really make a difference, but it is a show of respect for the court's/judge's authority. So if you have one, wear it.

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Good question. You should always look professional when you go in front of a judge. You'll be surprised the people who show up to court for important matters as if they're going on a picnic in the park (jeans, flip flops or sneakers and beat up tee shirts).

A name change goes realtively fast and is a basic legal process. Therefore, if you are a man, dress pants, dress shirt and tie are fine. If you are a woman, skirt or business pants with a blouse, jacket, and pumps are fine.

I am licensed and practice in the states for which I answer questions. Nevertheless, the answer is based on a limited amount of information. Additional information may change my answer.


I agree that it shows respect to wear a suit, but if business casual is your ordinary daily attire it is also acceptable. As far as showing respect, your behavior is even more important. I'm disappointed with those who dress sloppily in court, but even more disappointing are those who don't stand when addressing the judge, those who don't say who they are when the judge is calling the case docket, those who have no idea that they are not the 'equal' of the judge and speak disrespectfully. Dress nicely and behave nicely!


You should dress in a manner that demonstrates your respect for the authority of the Court.


Reminds me of a movie...My Cousin Vinnie.....judge castigated Vinnie for his attire.

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