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Should I tell my credit card companies I have zero income now?

Miami, FL |

I have years of excellent credit but now have no income. I am still very able to pay all my credit card bills, never running a balance and always paying them in full within30 days even without any income.
Must I tell the credit card companies I now have no income?
I can easily keep paying them from savings.

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  1. Unless you are going to ask them for something (like a forbearance), you don't need to tell them.

    However, I caution you on your desire to continue paying them. If you have no need to drastically reduce your expenses now. I am not saying don't pay your credit cards, but people tend to exhaust their cash very quickly because they don't change their spending habits fast enough when income stops. Many run out of cash and end up filing bankruptcy when it would have been smarter to file bankruptcy as the initial response to income loss.

    Anyway, just something to think about. Obviously I don't know your specific circumstances.

  2. Confession is good for the soul...bad for your credit.

  3. There is no requirement to tell them your income changed. It sounds like you use the cards for convenience and, maybe, to build credit - you use them and pay them off right away. As Matt notes, the big thing is to make sure you have a financial plan in place to be able to live off your savings.

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