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Should I seek retribution from a public university AND title ix?

Kensington, CT |

I had an intimate friendship with an associate professor and while I was a student at that university, I was sexually assaulted and harassed during an emotionally abusive relationship with him. 2 incidents of sexual assault happened in his apartment a few blocks from campus. I am preparing to file a title ix complaint. He was hired as a professor, then helped push a director from his position and took over as director. Subsequently, he was demoted from director of his department to associate professor, proceeded to sue the school and won a $xx,xxx settlement from them. I'm not sure on the details of him losing his title, but I believe that he has a file. His ex-wife was a former student in one of his classes, and he continues to date students on campus.I want him removed + tuition exp.

Also I dropped out of the program and moved to get away from him. I was receiving persistent emails/texts and calls. Blocked his number and he continued to email me and told me I was rude and childish for ignoring him. To my knowledge this university doesn't have a ban on student-professor relationships, but all the other universities in its circuit do.

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  1. You should consult with an appropriate attorney. There are too many possible issues here to really understand what's going on or what has gone on.

    This is not legal advice and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The post is only an opinion. You should speak to an attorney for further information. The poster is licensed only in CT & NY. You can reach us at If this post is useful to you, please remember to upvote it.

  2. Based on what you are describing, it seems as though the professor you were involved with may have crossed certain ethical lines associated with his position at the University. More information is needed. Under the circumstances, it is in your best interest to consult with a Discrimination/Harassment attorney to fully vet the facts of your case and give you more of an understanding of what your legal rights might be prior to filling a Title IIV complaint with the CHRO or EEOC. Most lawyers will probably give you a free preliminary consultation.

    Best of Luck

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  3. No issue the AP has disciplinary trouble. Your damages are a little more difficult to figure. There are lots of evidentiary issues as well. Reporting of these assaults in a timely fashion will be critical.

  4. Best to sit down with a local lawyer to flesh out the facts and develop a time line, and formulate a game plan.

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