Should I seek a lawyer for my son?

Asked over 1 year ago - La Grange, IL

My Son Is Being Discharged For Allegedly Changing Some Wording On His Medical Records That He Sent To Meps In Relation To His Last Asthma Attack. Should I Look For A Lawyer For Him? On his true record which I have at home it shows his last attack at age 18. Apparently, he switched some wording to make it look as if his last attack was at age 15. MEPS actually cleared him through.

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    Answered . He needs to speak to base defense counsel, to determine his rights and the chances of success. He can also consult with a military lawyer. Most of us provide free consultations, and can give him some guidance. But if he forged documents to get in, he is in for an uphill climb.

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    Answered . If he is in the Army, he should see TDS and not say anything to anyone. If another branch, still seek a lawyer, but the other services, particularly the Navy are not real good on providing access to lawyers. You may want to seek private counsel. The big concern is that he will receive a Fraudulent Enlistment characterization on his discharge papers.

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    Answered . Looks like he is being processed for fraudulent enlistment.
    The asthma being a bar to enlistment, and the fraud being submitting false documents.
    He should get help from the military defense lawyers on base, or he can consult a civilian for representation.
    His rights depend on what type of discharge they are seeking to give him.;; 703-298-9562, 800-401-1583. Answering your... more
  4. Answered . Doesn't matter if he cleared MEPS--he altered his documents (so you say). As a practical matter there is little YOU can do to help. You evidence would only hurt his case further. Asthma is a disqualifying condition for very good reason. AF may be saving his life by separating him, although the conditions of his discharge are likely going to be 'ungood'. As others have noted, he should fully avail himself of the JAGs and any defenses available .


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