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Should I report rape if I willingly took illegal drug prior to 2 males raping me?

Little Rock, AR |

I went to a male friends house. He and another male urges me to do drugs with them. After taking the drug they told me it was a Molly. They began trying to remove my clothes. I ran, they caught me and stripped me. They both raped me vaginally and anally. Yes, I screamed no and fought but they were too strong. I still have my underwear but it has been several days. I don't know what to do. Please help!

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    Everyone who has answered is correct. This is a crime. Whether or not you took drugs makes no difference regarding whether you were raped. You did not consent, and it was rape. Period. In addition to the advice already given, may I suggest you go to a hospital? I know it has been several days, but you still need medical attention. They will need to test you for STDs and pregnancy. I'm trying to give you more stress -- just being honest with what you need to do. At the emergency room, if you will just quietly go up to the person on duty and let them know you need medical attention for a rape that happened a few days ago, they will call the Rape Crisis Center and a Rape Crisis Counselor who is trained to help people who have been through this will come to the hospital. There is always someone on call. I know, because I was a rape crisis counselor for years, when I lived in Little Rock. Place your underwear in a ziplock baggie. Also, if you have the other clothes you were wearing that day, bring them to the hospital, especially if you have not washed them. Give the hospital permission to call the police. When the hospital and Rape crisis are involved, the police officers are usually women, and they are specifically trained to help you through this.

    Whatever you do, please DO NOT blame yourself. You are not at fault. I am so sorry this happened to you, but there are people who are ready and willing to help you. Please turn to them and let them help you. Rape crisis can help you to arrange counseling, and they can get you an application to the Crime Victims Reparations Board, who will help with reimbursing you for counseling costs, etc.

    Take care.

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  2. Report this. They committed a crime and hurt you. It is possible that you are not thier first victim. when making the report, be honest about all of the circumstances, including the drugs. As a crime victim, you will have access to counseling and services to help you through this experience. There are people trained to assist you. You won't be alone.

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  3. Hell yes call the police right now. This mustm be reported. If you need help or assistance, contact tthe local rape crisis or ER for referral

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  4. Cll the police NOW. Do not delay even one more minute. You have been victimized regardless of the ingestion of an illegal drug.

    Good luck.


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  5. There isn't really much more that I can add that the other attorneys have not already said, but I am posting just to stress that the other attorneys gave excellent advice and you should report this.

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  6. These folks can help you: Rape Crisis Inc (Crisis Intervention Service) located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Call them at (501)-663-3334

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