Should I report my ex to his parole agent? It said his superivsion was suspended,

Long story short my ex was set on parole and he moved to a different place, does not report, drinks(he had 6 DUI'S) he was sentenced in WI and he transfered here because of me(interstate compact). He literally does not leave me alone, I changed my number but he knows where i live and he has gone as far as coming to my place to ask for money. I checked VINE and it said something like terminated/suspended, he has not reported in over 8 months. does not go to counseling(he was kicked) does not pay his parole fee, drinks(his sentence from WI reads absolute sobritety) and owes money everywhere, he got fired as well. In other words he's a hot mess, yet why has the police or state not sent him back to prison? I would like to make him leave me alone once and for all.

Orlando, FL -

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Jason Michael Reid

Jason Michael Reid

Criminal Defense Attorney - Clearwater, FL

In Florida, a restraining order is called an injunction, and there are various forms of injunctions. Many criminal defense attorneys will help you through the process and hearing. Contact an attorney in your area, the sooner the better.

Douglas Holbrook

Douglas Holbrook

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Diego, CA

It sounds to me like his days are already numbered. Perhaps if you wanted to speed up the process, you could file for a Restraining Order, and send a copy of it to his parole officer. That might light a fire.

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