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Should I put on an application a conviction from 1995? I complied with everything that the courts ordered.

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

it was for a possession of controlled substance w/intent had no more arrest since 2005 on a DUI which I also finished everything that the courts ordered.

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If your job application is asking if you have ever been convicted of a crime, then it appears to me that your answer needs to be 'yes'. Employers will be able to look at your criminal record and I suspect if they discover that you lied on your application, you will probably not be offered the position.

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The best advice is to always be honest. There are some laws that may protect you from an employer who refuses to hire based solely on a criminal history. But an employer is usually justified for refusing to hire you for falsifying your application, or terminate you later on if it is discovered that you lied. Not answering the question is just as bad. Check out this recent blog post on this issue at the link included here.

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Most job applications contain some language that states providing false information may result in the applicant not being hired or immediate termination if the applicant has already been hired. Although your conviction was many years ago, if you are asked on an application about criminal convictions and you do not disclose your 2005 case, you expose yourself to potential problems later. Good luck.

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