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Should I press charges on another student who set my hair on fire?

Lake Worth, FL |

As I was walking to one of classes a student came behind me and put a lighter to my hair and set a good amount of it on fire to the point the whole hallway smelled of burnt hair

Attorney Answers 3

  1. This is a criminal assault and must be promptly reported to school authorities as well as local law enforcement.

    This is not a substitute for a consultation with a personal injury attorney in your community.

  2. As the other attorney stated, you should immediately report this to the school principal and police. Anyone doing this to another student either needs to be disciplined accordingly or needs to be evaluated for a behavioral disability. Reporting it to the school authorities should get both him and you help. Reporting it to the police will make sure it is not "swept under the rug" for both your sakes.

  3. As an attorney who practices in the juvenile courts and who is a former juvenile prosecutor in Palm Beach County, you should report this incident to the school police. If the facts are as you briefly described them, potentially an aggravated battery has been committed. It is very important that your and your parents report this incident to both the school administration and the Palm Beach District Police Department so that this behavior can be stopped immediately.