Should I meet with my mothers physician and attempt to explain to him why she was receiving pain meds from 2 different doctors

My mother has severe arthritis and was prescribed tramadol from 2 different doctors. She was calling in the meds at 2 different pharmacies. I would pick them up and sign for them at one pharmacy and she would have the other script filled at a different pharmacy. I did not know what was going on. She constantly losing her medicine. The doctor is threatening to turn this over to the state of ohio. I have an appt to talk with her doctor today. Should I go or not. I dont want to make things worse for her or me. Please dont post this question.

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Christopher Edward Ezold

Christopher Edward Ezold

Health Care Lawyer - Bala Cynwyd, PA

Before I respond to your inquiry, I must state that we have not spoken, I have not reviewed the relevant documents and facts, and I do not represent you. Therefore, my discussion below is not a legal opinion, but is informational only. Finally, my discussion applies only to issues to which Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey or Federal law applies, unless otherwise specified.

That being said, the information in your question is not enough to convict anyone of a crime. However, it may get the police interested in what is going on. I'm not sure there is any use to explaining anything to the doctor; before you do, however, I would recommend you speak with a criminal defense attorney in Ohio.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact me at the below address(es) or telephone number.

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