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Should I include my father's information in my bankruptcy case?

Columbia, SC |

I live with him but I receive family assistance and food stamps to take care of myself and my son. We do not share resources.

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Have you consulted with a bankruptcy lawyer? I am adding this question to that category for you.

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You wrote, " Should I include my father's information in my bankruptcy case? I live with him but I receive family assistance and food stamps to take care of myself and my son. We do not share resources."

A: If your father contributes to common expenses, you will list that Information in the means test and on Schedule I, "Income" and Schedule I, "Income".

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Gary D. Bollinger

Gary D. Bollinger


Oops, Schedule I, "Income" and Schedule J. "Expenses.",


When filing bankruptcy, any source of income, or in-kind contribution to the filer, must be included. For example, if any household expenses are shared, those must be included. If a household occupant, or other person, regularly pays for gasoline, electrical, cable,etc . . .such must be properly noted and disclosed.

Some bankruptcy trustees may request, or like to see, an affidavit clearly stating, or explaining, any form of financial contribution, to the filer/debtor that is not wages, social security, unemployment, or documented form of income. Such can be filed with the case as a "pay advice." Ultimately, with bankruptcy, it is always best to over-disclose, if there is such a thing, instead of risking leaving out important and relevant information.

Notably, this is general information on this issue. Bankruptcy is very detail intensive and, so, it is always best to proceed with an attorney in order to adhere to all requirements and get the maximum benefit of filing.

I wish you well with resolving your issue.

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