Should I hire an attorney when buying bank-owned property?

I want to buy a bank-owned house to turn into a rental. Is it necessary to hire a real estate attorney in a process like this? .

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Michael J Yentzen

Michael J Yentzen

Real Estate Attorney - Gulfport, MS

The reason for hiring an attorney is to protect your interests with respect to the purchase. The lender might offer to pay closing costs to use their attorney for the closing and they also might offer owner's title insurance to insure that you obtain clear title. However, the closing attorney will be a disinterested party at best (he will likely be representing the bank's interest). It is a good idea to hire an attorney to represent your interests. They will obtain and review a title search on the property that you are purchasing to make sure that there are no problems. They will also review the settlement statement to make sure that all the fees charged to you are fair and reasonable. Finally, they will either issue an owner's policy to you or review the one provided by the closing attorney to make sure that there are no important exceptions and that your overall interests are protected.

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