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Should I hire an attorney over my past employments failure to pay me correct minimum wage and under the table?

Crawfordville, FL |

I worked at a local restaurant for about 6 months, but for about 4 1/2 months I was never on payroll. I always asked for the paperwork and their answer would always be that they would have it the next day. Server minimum wage is $4.23/hour but i was only given $4.00, so the other .23 cents an hour was going into his pocket. I worked about 20-40 hours every weekend and I think I deserve the money that I worked so hard for, and I also do not want to have to pay anything or be held liable for his mistakes.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. I'd suggest contacting a lawyer who handles cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act to see if they think you have potential claims.

  2. Contact the labor board or a labor attorney in your state. This is typically a violation of the law that they can help you with.

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  3. As stated above, you would be best served by contacting a labor law attorney.

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