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Should I hire a tax lawyer or the IRS agent fishing?

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I'm being audited by IRS, I have hired a CPA; however , prior to hiring CPA and calling to inform agent of CPA, the IRS agent is making remarks about my parents " oh they have money " .. Whether do or not has no baring on my being audited, even if they loaned me money. So, should I hire a lawyer or just let CPA do job? Can they target retired parents just like that?

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    Is not worth speculating what the IRS agent even meant by that off-hand comment as it could have been a veiled threat or possibly a silly comedic comment to break the ice...or he was just jealous that your parents could loan you a lot of money. I suggest you let the CPA act as your barrier and have no further conversations with the Agent ... your CPA will keep you informed as to the avenues of attack the auditor is focusing on. IRS Agents are used to seeing a taxpayer bring in a CPA to handle an audit but if you introduce a tax lawyer to the equation it may make the Agent think you are nervous over something that he has not yet found and may make him stick around longer or he may even take offense that you are trying to intimidate him by using your financial resources. Think it through as no deficiency has been issued or proposed yet so I recommend you take a deep breath and let it run its course.....your CPA can tell you if a tax lawyer will be necessary.

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  2. The answer depends on the amount at controversy with the IRS and whether you are willing to pay higher fees than for most CPAs. If you decide to hire an attorney then you should hire a tax attorney even though that attorney may have higher hourly fees than some other attorneys.

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  3. Absolutely hire a tax lawyer. Something is wrong when an IRS Revenue Agent makes such a statement about your parents.

    You can still keep your CPA, but he will need to technically be hired by your tax lawyer.

    Good luck!
    Ron Cappuccio

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  4. You'll want to go with the professional you have confidence in but would strongly encourage that you at least get a second opinion on the matter from a tax attorney. The things you're describing do not make sense and should not be occurring. You need someone to handle some serious advocacy for you.

    Good luck.

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