Should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

This past week I was charged with two First degree misdemeanors, petty theft and possession of criminal tools. I was with a group of friends and after a night of drinking, in celebration of passing our finals, we decided it would be funny to remove a detour sign from a small side road. The sign in no way shape or form would of been able to cause an accident. I was the only one charged. After they released me from the hand-cuffs, i replaced the sign under the supervision of the arresting officer. I have never been in trouble before and have had a clean record my entire 22 years of existence. Would you recommend hiring an attorney?

Columbus, OH -

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Yousef Mazen Faroniya

Yousef Mazen Faroniya

Criminal Defense Attorney - Columbus, OH

Of course. You're young, you want to avoid a criminal record or at least mitigate the damage as much as you can. A criminal charge can hinder your education and job prospects for the rest of your life.

My advice- act quickly and secure an attorney who can negotiate and fight with the prosecution to make sure your future is not too badly damaged by this incident. Background checks for jobs are quickly becoming the norm, don't hurt your future potential because you chose to take a criminal charge lightly as a young adult.

Yousef M. Faroniya

Benjamin J Lieberman

Benjamin J Lieberman

Criminal Defense Attorney - New York, NY

Absolutely. An attorney knows the law and system much better than you and can insure that you get the best possible disposition. Don't even think of trying to go at this alone, it's always smart to have an attorney when navigating the criminal justice system.

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