Should I have taken pictures at the scene of a personal injury?

I was clipped by a driver while on my bike, and while the driver actually stopped and we exchanged information, I didn't think to take any pictures at the scene. Is that something I should have done? .

Fresno, CA -

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Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Litigation Lawyer - San Marino, CA

It would have been preferable if you did, but such photos aren't absolutely essential for a personal injury case. Were you seriously injured? Do you have medical bills?

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Slavik Steve Leydiker

Slavik Steve Leydiker

Litigation Lawyer - Redwood City, CA

It's always a good idea to take pictures of the scene and speak to anyone who witnessed the accident. Very few people do this, which is understandable.

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Matthew A. Dolman

Matthew A. Dolman

Personal Injury Lawyer - Clearwater, FL

i always prefer to have pictures available as they can illustrate the property damage in a simple manner. Pictures tell a story that simple words cannot. However, it is not at all a necessity and most personal injury firms retain the services of an investigator who may be able to locate the vehicle and take pictures of the damage.

It is in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney licensed in California to assist you with a potential claim/cause of action. Keep in mind that a statute of limitations applies to your claim and time is of the essence.

I wish you the best of luck


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Steve Eliot Sanderfer

Steve Eliot Sanderfer

Litigation Lawyer - Bedford, TX

It is always better to have pictures, but it is not critical to win your case. Get with an attorney and let him or her do an investigation.

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