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Should I go to the police station if a detective says come turn myself in about retail theft 2 days prior

Crete, IL |

Hes saying I came into the store 2 days prior.Loss ptevention didnt stop me..The cop says bring 100 dollars with me and I can bond out in a hour..Should I go?Can they do this..

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  1. DO NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE! Consult with at least one criminal defense attrneys immediately, hire the one you like best, and follow his/her instructions.

  2. If you cannot consult with an attorny first, then go, bring the money and do not answer any questions about the alleged incident. You should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Preferably one who knows how to handle the civil demand you wiil be getting from the store's lawyers as well. Most of us provide free consultations.

  3. You should not go to the police station without a lawyer. If you cannot afford to bring a lawyer, invoke your rights as soon as you speak to the detective. the way to do this is to tell the detective "I am not talking to you. I want a lawyer." Do not make a statement. Do not admit or deny anything. Do not try to talk your way out of it. Anything you say will be used to charge you and convict you. Watch the video I have attached. Most lawyers offer a free consultation. Find 2 or 3 criminal defense lawyers in your area on and talk to them before you do anything.

    This answer should not be considered legal advice, is for informational purposes only, and no attorney-client relationship should be assumed. Most lawyers offer free consultations and you should not hesitate to seek out a lawyer to assist you with this matter.

  4. Obviously, when you appear at the station, you will be placed under arrest. It is very likely that the officer's representation is correct and you will be bonded out quickly if you have the $100, but keep in mind that the officer's words are not binding and it might not be true. If you don't go, there may be a warrant issued for your arrest, possibly for a higher amount, and you won't be able to control when you are in custody. However, if you do go to the station without an attorney present, be sure not to make any statements about the case, including whether you were at the store, spoke to loss prevention or your explanation of what happened.

  5. The best thing to do would be to retain an attorney immediately and have your lawyer contact the detective. The most likely outcome would be that you and the lawyer would go together to the police station at a time arranged, the detective would formally place you under arrest, and you would bond out immediately and go to court on the date set to begin dealing with your case. The lawyer would be sure that you are not questioned by the police and that you would be neither bullied nor sweet-talked into making a statement.

    If you are unable to find a lawyer able to do this with you, the next best thing is to go to the police station with the bond money, tell the officer that you are there to submit to arrest, but that on the advice of counsel you are refusing to answer any questions or discuss the case until you have an attorney present. You can then expect to be arrested and booked (finger-printed, photographed, etc.) and, we hope, bonded out as promised. You may answer booking questions (name, age, address) but not questions about the alleged crime. See an attorney as soon as you can.

    But option #1, going to the station with your attorney, is far and away the best.

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