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Should i go to rehab? Need help with my alcohol addiction. So scared.

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Picked up my 3rd DWI..i am in AA, have a new sponsor and working the steps. I am also attending an intensive outpatient class for 10 hours a week. I want to put myself in a 30 day inpatient but in fear of job loss. My company does offer FMLA and personal leaves of absence..I just have to write a letter to let them know why i am taking the leave. I am so humiliated and i know i will let a lot of people that care about me down. Would it be in my best interest to go into a 30 day inpatient facility? My family has yet to know about this and i am afraid to tell my child for fear my ex-husband will get full custody.

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I commend you on taking positive steps toward recovery, and I wish you strength and courage in your efforts. I have stood before many a judge, whose help I sought, who wanted to know what my client had been doing to help themselves while they were out on bond. Nothing is never a good answer. Sobriety is your ultimate goal once this is behind you, so I think your efforts are not in vain.

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Take advantage of any treatment you can while you can. You don't want to win the battle (keep your job) but lose the war (kill yourself or another as a result of a dwi accident).

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This is a very person decision. In addition to all of your other concerns, you obviously need to be concerned about staying out of prison on this felony. I generally advise my felony DWI clients to go inpatient if at all possible. This helps prove to the DA and the Court (when sentencing time rolls around) that you are taking your sobriety seriously. However, participating IOP and attending AA regularly are also very persuasive. Keep a log of your AA meetings if you are not already. I recommend that you discuss this further with your attorney, because he will know, for example, if inpatient is the only way your DA or judge is going to agree to probation.

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Treatment is a great option. If you don't get help you're on the way to prison and then you'll lose everything. Doing it now will really help.
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