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Should I go to court or not to ask for a lager amount of money if the driver at fault doesn't cover all of my medical expenses?

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last year I was in a car accident. The was traffic was backed up and I was waiting in line, when out of nowhere a truck driver behind me slammed into my car at about 40-45 mph (he didn't hit brakes) and then pushed me into a van. My car was totaled. The driver at fault admitted he took his eyes off the road to look down. During and After the hospital, I began to experience really bad back spasms and shoulder pain. So after my next doctor visit I got physical therapy which I took for about 2 months. Over the last year my insurance had to cover my bills until he would pay them. Now it's been a year and I now have gotten a lawyer and were suppose to be settling for 7000, but I'm only receiving 2200 because of my medical bills. I still have some pain, should I try to go to court for more

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  1. What you should do is talk with your attorney about these issues. Have the attorney outline the issues for you.

  2. You should immediately set an appointment for a face to face with your attorney. Only you and your lawyer know all the ins and outs and you make it sound like all medical expenses will be paid plus attorney's fees and you still net $2,200.00. Follow your attorney's advice on whether to settle or take it to trial.

  3. You need to have a meeting with your attorney who can educate you on why the insurance company is taking such an aggressive position on their offer. You can discuss the possibilities of taking the case to trial with your lawyer or see if they are able to get a larger amount to settle the case from the insurance company.

  4. I agree with the others. Talk to your attorney about your concerns, and ensure he is negotiating your medical bills (liens) so that you are receiving maximum.

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  5. You retained a lawyer, thus, you should discuss all your issues and concerns with him.

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  6. For Heaven's sake -- you hired an attorney to help you navigate these waters. Set up a get-together immediately to discuss your concerns!!

    Good luck.


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