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Should I give, all 30 of the supervised visit notes, i.e. they write everything we say, to the Family Judge or just like 3

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In supervised visits, the facilitators write down everything that me and my daughter say, everything that we do, our tone, etc. I have gone to about 30 visits. Does the judge want all of that or does she just want like 3 visits worth or 10 visits worth??

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When it is time for you to go to court, give the supervising monitor the court date and plenty of time to prepare a report, and generally the monitor will submit a summary of the visitation which has occurred between you and your child. Be sure you give the monitor, or the monitoring facility plenty of time to get the report ready. It is really not likely to think the court will read the 30 odd reports made by the supervising facility or monitor.

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Request a report regarding your visitations. Still, take them all just in case, organized with the newest on top. Always better to be fully prepared.

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Supervising agencies here in Fresno will write a report that summarizes what took place during those visits. AS others have said please give enough advance notice to the agency to ensure the report is ready for the Court. When you go to Court have a copy for the Judge and a copy for the other side. I would also copy what you already have because the Judge may want to read further about a specific day.

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