Should I get a refund due to a mistake done by my lawyer while representing me in a family court?

Asked 4 months ago - Newark, NJ

I consulted a lawyer to review my Child support calculations. Lawyer suggested to file a motion becuase the court used the wrong worksheet (sole). Lawyer prepared motion attaching correct proposed worksheet (shared wkT) and sent motion to court using as a based the self support test line 36. I give him 1.5K as retainer without signing any contract. After long nights reading the guidelines I noticed that his line 36 is incorrectly calculated. I told him but he got upset for my lack of trust in his work. If i we go to court and Judge dismissed my application due to lawyer's error should I get a refund? I understand lawyers can't guarantee outcome but i rely 100% on his knowledge.. Please advice

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  1. Curtis James Romanowski


    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . I don't know about a refund, but you should discuss with your lawyer. Importantly, however, we are all required to enter into written retainer agreements prior to undertaking family part work. Required content is set forth in the Rules of Court.

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  2. Amy B. Hansel

    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . You should discuss this issue with your attorney. You don't state any reason as to why the the motion would be dismissed. Perhaps your attorney can file an amended motion.

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