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Should I get a Public Defender?

Ventura, CA |

I was in a Private Home (Backyard) for a New Years Eve Party, where everyone was drinking. I had not eaten anything the whole day and my good friend had a few people over that were also drinking. I accidentally fell into my good friends kid, not hurting anyone and was asked to leave after his wife called the police. From there I walked a few houses down and entered another New Years Eve party where, again everyone was drinking and I was not causing anyone problems. Come to find out the second house I was at, not knowing this, the owner is a Sheriff for Ventura County. I was no where near a public area when I was detained, causing no problems. Any suggestions I would love to hear them. This is my first offense and I'm not an avid drinker . It was New Years Eve. Thank you.

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    Don't ever go to court without a lawyer. Don't go for surgery without a surgeon. And don't let anybody but a dentist drill your teeth. This is one heck of a wrong turn you took from a public into a private place. You need a lawyer, public or retained. You have bad luck and an even worse sense of direction. But nobody's perfect. Good luck. sdp

    This information is not, and is not intended to be, legal advice. By responding to your inquiry we do not create or act within any attorney-client relationship with you. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your situation. You should talk to your lawyer as you are presently represented.

  2. It's not clear as to what charges you have (trespass, disordely?) or whether you may be able to afford private counsel. Private counsel is usually less overloaded and often more experienced to assist you. We handle matters in Ventura.

    The information provided herein does not create an attorney-client relationship. The information provided is to suggerst some general principles and should not be relied upon for client decisions. Only upon the hiring of counsel can such advice be custom-tailored to the client's specific situation and needs.

  3. You need to hire a local criminal attorney to fight this matter. It appears you face misdemeanor trespass charges and potentially face time in a county jail. An experienced lawyer can help show the DA that you made an innocent mistake and are otherwise law abiding. You should consider contacting Mr. Taub who handles criminal matters in your area. Good luck.

  4. Yes I agree that it is unclear what the charges are, I am guessing Penal Code 647(f) from the way it is written. Consult with an attorney as soon as you can because, as some other attorneys point out frequently, if you retain a private attorney we can sometimes contact the prosecution and discourage filing a case altogether, which the public defenders do not do - they are appointed only after a case gets filed. Good luck.

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