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Should I get a personal attorney?

Groveland, FL |

I was recently charged with a DUI first offense. I am currently a medical student and worried that now I may not be able to get my medical license since I have a DUI on my record. I have spoken with a few friends and
they said I may qualify for a pre-trial diversion. I have never been in
trouble with the police before and don't even have any tickets on my
record. On the night of my DUI I did have a bac of .12. Any advice in which direction I should go or even from experience what I can expect to happen would be greatly appreciated.

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You definitely should seek the advice of a private attorney. DUI charges can be one of the most complex areas of criminal law. Additionally, aside from just the criminal side of things there is an administrative side directly dealing with the DHSMV and your driving privileges. There can be many defenses potentially to your case and a private lawyer would be able to challenge the driver's license suspension for you with the DHSMV. Be careful taking advice from friends...everyone has their stories but each person's case can be so very different and an experienced DUI defense lawyer will be able to help you sort through the various ways to approach YOUR individual case. At the very least speak to some private lawyers before making any final decisions.

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It is especially important that you get professional advice since you are in medical school. You are right to be concerned that a DUI might have negative consequences for you. Think of it this way...would you advise people to allow their friends to give them medical advise about major surgery?

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A D.U.I conviction may or may not your ability to be licensed as a DR. as each state has their own rules. You should invest in an attorney to protect the much larger investment you have made in your education.

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As a fellow professional all I can say is that you are best served retaining someone who can help you through the process! This has lasting implications that can be handled but you need to have appropriate advice. Please call me directly at 4072283838 if you have specific questions.

Please be advised that answering your questions does not establish an attorney-client relationship with myself or my firm. We would be more than happy to set up a free consultation if you call us at 407-228-3838 and specifically mention AVVO or email me at and put AVVO in the subject line.

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