Should I get a lawyer to apply for SSI for me or is this something I can do myself? Does a lawyer require payment up front for

Asked 12 months ago - Raleigh, NC

this? These are the illnesses I have - 10% impairment for life in my hand and thumb, resulting in arthritis and carpal tunnel in left hand arthritis in both hand and foot due to fractures. Fibroids, endometriosis, cyst on ovary, scoliosis, congenital heart defect, laryngeal issues, Gerd, gastritis. Would I possibly qualify for ssi? Im in my 40s.

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  1. D K Kevin Dugan

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    Answered . You don't have to have a lawyer to apply, but those who do have a better chance. Whether you qualify depends on a combination of your medical limitations and vocational factors. Most lawyers give free consultations and work on a contingency basis.

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  2. Sarah Jessica Farber

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    Answered . I can recommend the folks at James Scott Farin for this. Crystal Rouse is one of their SSDI attorneys and she is very good. Their consultations are free, as I recall, and they should be able to set you straight. Good luck!

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  3. Lynn Ellen Coleman

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    Answered . Most lawyers who specialize in this kind of work give a free consultation. If they agree to represent you, the fees are set by statute and are not charged up front. Whether or not your claim will be approved depends upon your work history, education level, and the impairments caused by your various illnesses. Having an experiences attorney or disability representative can possibly increase your chance of approval because they will know how to present the facts in a more effective manner, focusing on all of the things Social Security thinks is relevant (which may be different than what you think is relevant). However, you can apply without having a representative.

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  4. Tatiana Kadetskaya

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    Answered . You may apply yourself if you meet all the eligibility requirements.

  5. Richard L. Huffman Jr.


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    Answered . Yes, you can apply by yourself. I have found it is best to go to the Social Security office and apply in person. However, most cases are denied on the initial application. It is best to hire an attorney after you are denied. Your odds of being approved is greatly increased when you are represented.
    It is impossible to give an opinion on whether you would qualify for SSI without more information. For example, for some people, a congenital heart defect may be no more than a minor inconvenience. For others, the defect be debilitating. Social Security looks at your age, education work experience and medical impairments to determine if there are any jobs you can theoretically do. You may qualify if your combination of impairments keeps you from performing any type of work and if you meet the other requirements. GOOD LUCK!

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