Should I file VAWA petition to family law court or immigration law court?

I want to remove the condition of child custody bond ordered to me upon my move away to my home country. I am a sole legal and physical custodian. I believe the family law courthouse is abusing this bond to a battered immigrant who wished to move back to home country only 3 months after arrived in California. My child was not born in the U.S. though she has dual citizenship as her father is American. Father's visitation right is in the way of my move away to home country. I understand family law but there must be a way to save us by immigration law. If VAWA act can be petitioned, should it be filed with family law court that ordered the custody bond? In this case, the commissioner who abused me for five years dening all valid motions, will never grant the motions.

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Guerline Ladouceur-Laurore

Guerline Ladouceur-Laurore

Immigration Attorney - Wilkes Barre, PA

Your situation is too complicated to be answered using this forum. You should contact a local attorney well versed in family law and immigration law who will be able to look at your documents especially your custody order.

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