Should I file income tax with husband just to get EIC that's due to me not having income? What happens if kids are unclaimed?

Asked 7 months ago - Milton, FL

My husband wants to file jointly to get EIC. I currently have a case with child support pending but he wants to set up a payment plan. In the past he has never paid anything, so I really don't trust his word. I know if I go through with the child support, he will get extremely angry because he will not have any money. I'm very confused and trying to make the right decision. Husband claims to 'split' income tax down the middle. I thought about getting him to sign a statement but like I said, I don't trust his word.

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  1. Robb Adam Longman


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    Answered . You would need to make this decision. You know him. If you file jointly and there is something wrong with the return or money is owed, you will be jointly liable. So be aware.

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  2. Tara Sturhahn Rosenblum

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    Answered . If you really dont trust him, let him file and after you get the child suport straightened out go back and file an amended retun. You can file separately and later file jointly, buy not the other way around. At a minimum, whenever you decide to file, the tax form gives you the option to place the return into 2 separate bank accounts. Make sure you do this so you dont have to get the money from him.

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  3. Robert Jan Suhajda

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    Answered . If you are willing to accept joint and several (separate) liability then file jointly. Also, if you don't trust him file with your SSN first (at the top) and you put the return in the mail and you designate the bank account where the refund goes. You need to take charge of the filing and look at yourself as a manager of a bad situation.

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