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Should i fight the careless driving ticket?

Edison, NJ |

It was Wednesday around 2pm, I was on old post road making a left turn onto route 1. There was a double solid line with traffic going two ways controlled by two lights. The light on the left was red and on the right it was green I made the turn from old post road onto route 1, while making the turn there was about two car links of space for my car so i made the turn onto the lane. The person who was driving the car in thelane sped up to catch the green light and i honked my horn was i was still in the middle of the lane completing the turn. The officer pulled my car over and gave me a ticket for careless driving because i tried to squeeze my way into traffic. Should i fight the ticket for take the two points and fine. By the way i just turned 18 this October 12, and don't have a basic lice

Attorney Answers 5

  1. Without a basic license you are not eligible to reduce to zero points. From your description, you do not have a viable defense.

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  2. You can get it reduced to no points if you desire. It will just cost you more.

    John Ducey

  3. You are only permitted to make a turn safely. It sounds like the officer thought this was not done. As far as negotiations, if you still have your provisional license you cannot get the 0 pointer. If you can get your regular license before the Court date Edison may help you out. The fine is cheaper on the 2 pointer and you can take a safe driving course and get the 2 points reduced.

  4. Other driver should have yielded if you were already in the intersection. My advice is to file a careless against the other driver. At court you both take the Fifth and there is a good chance charges will be dismissed. A lawyer would help!