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Should I engage legal counsel to help deal with a wrongful eviction process that was started in error by the management company?

Atlanta, GA |

After discovering our rent check still had not cleared I reached out to management on the 11th day, After a lengthy discussion I was advised by management on that there was some issue/mix up with the billing company due to the timing of our lease expiration. After I hand delivered the payment, a letter issued on company letterhead was found on our door that evening so I immediately called and advised by the same person it was "no big deal" and could be "disregarded." It was not explained to me othat this was actually being processed via the judicial system and only discovered this when I arrived at my apartment 4 days later to find a formal eviction notice taped to our door. In my first call to management they indicated that they questioned our "late payment" as we've never been late once in our history of residency with this complex of over 3 year and never had any issues with our previous renting situation in New York City. I find it more than discomforting to know that in 3+ years as a resident of this complex that a formal and legal eviction process started without providing the proper notice to us, let alone that time for us to respond to any inquires was not adequately provided. I have pulled my cell bill, which according to management was the second number she reached out to me on (first being my former place of employment) and it does not reflect any such call made on said date. Oddly enough my husband who is reflected on the lease and who's contact information they have on record was not properly taken into consideration as no such attempt was made to contact him either. Now that I've brought this to managements attention and requested this to be expunged from our public record they advised they are now unable to confirm they formally processed the eviction stop.

For a little more background in the 3 years we've lived here this is the 3rd set of property managers we've had and with each turnover it seems communication and action gets worse.


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