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Should I dispute $20,000 bill? I was sued by pro per plaintiff for defamation & invasion of privacy via the Internet.

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Found defamation/libel/Internet law attorney on Avvo. He filed an anti-slapp motion. Motion was calendared. Then he said we need to file ex parte to have hearing heard w/in 30 days. Denied. Plaintiff filed ex parte for continuance and limited discovery. My attorney filed opposition & appeared in court. Plaintiff's ex parte was denied b/c it had no merit. Plaintiff filed another ex parte for same issues. My attorney filed opposition & appeared, again. Ex parte was denied again b/c it had no merit. Then our anti-slapp was denied via tentative ruling without plaintiff ever opposing it b/c it didn't meet the 1st prong & my attorney did not address all issues in complaint (the invasion of privacy issue). My attorney appeared for oral argument. Denied again. His bill: $20,000 & nothing resolved!

Thank you for your response. I just want to add that I only decided to dispute the amount after I went to have consultations with 3 other trial attorneys & 1 appellate attorney. They all thought I had been overcharged because: a) my case was not an anti-slapp case, b) my case was already calendared for following month, no need for ex parte, c) plaintiff's ex partes did not need to be opposed at all, much less twice, and d) why did my attorney not follow up with my renters insurance? Lastly, my attorney's next move was to appeal & the appellate attorney said that our appeal would not only be denied, I would most likely be sanctioned for a frivolous appeal. Nothing my attorney did helped my case. His advice & motions he filed were just plain wrong. I have offered him more than half the total amount & he has refused..

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So, you engaged an attorney for defense of an active piece of litigation against you and the attorney prepared a substantive motion, an ex parte request, defended against two opposing party ex parte requests, and made three appearances in court, in addition to all of the document and evidence review necessary to understand the case well enough to know what positions to take on the various issues and motions? That is not per se out of line, depending on the complexity of the issues addressed by the various motions and court arguments.

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Defamation is an extremely complex area of law, and, quite honestly, takes a lot of time to litigate a case properly - I have handled many cases in this and related areas over the years. Your attorney's bill of $20,000 is extremely reasonable. For drafting multiple motions and making multiple arguments in Court on your behalf, he likely spent 125 - 175 hours of time. That would be $34,375 - $48,125 at my rate.

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NO bill of 20 G's is reasonable for helping someone. That' is highway robbery. You lawyers use this emotional and highly turbulent, damaging situation to sky rocket your fees and you don't give a flying fig about the "client" you're bankrupting. Are there any attorneys left in this crooked, nasty world who actually want to do something for someone because it's the right thing to do, not because they can buy their next yacht by exploiting?


It sounds like the attorney did a lot of work. It may not have been entirely successful, but he still did the work. I can't comment on the amount, but as a client, you are always free to negotiate your bill with your attorney. If you don't do that, and don't pay the bill, you will probably end up losing this attorney and being sued by him, will need to find a new attorney who you will have to pay to get him up to speed, and may not get any better results.

Talk to your attorney about your concerns and try and work something out.

Otherwise, get ready for more litigation and dealing with more attorneys.

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