Should I contest this Disorderly Conduct Citation?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Dekalb, IL

I was invited to a party, and after the party got too loud the cops arrived. My friend was standing in front of the door and did not open it. After everyone in the party started to run out through the back door, a police officer went through the back door and to the front door to open it from the inside. when the officer opened the front door from the inside, I told her that if she did not get permission from the tenant or acquired a warrant, she wasnt allowed to enter the home. The two officers that was let in by the other officer, asked for my friends and I IDs and only gave me, not my friend, a citation saying that I obstructed the officer from gaining entry to the home. I feel this is false because, it was not my home nor my party, I have no right to open the door, only the tenant.

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    Answered . I feel you have a defense to this charge. I agree you should not discuss further on this site. Contact an attorney to flesh out the rest if this case. Sounds like the officer was just pissed. Would love to see the reason they try to give to justify the entry into the residence.

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    Answered . Yes, you should contest this citation.

  3. Answered . You were wrong for obstructing the officer. You had no right to prevent entry by the police and had no authority to tell the officer she could not come in. You did, in fact, obstruct the officer. Say no more in this public forum or anywhere else online. Do not discuss this with any of your friends or family, especially those who were at the party. Hire an attorney to help you minimize the damage. Sometimes what you see on TV does not actually work that way in real life.

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