Should I contest or not contest my divorce on my information sheet?

My husband filed for divorce in Maryland and I'm working on submitting an answer and am now filling out my information report and am wanting to know should I check the box saying the case is contested or uncontested ? I do not agree with one of the counts for the divorce which is that I abandoned him and would like my husband to give me some monetary marital property If I do contest it will I have to hire an attorney if he doesn't want to cooperate or could I just drop it and the divorce will go through anyway? Thanks for your help

Frederick, MD -

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David Raymond Mahood

David Raymond Mahood

Family Law Attorney - Owings Mills, MD

If you disagree with anything in your husband's Complaint, then you have a contested divorce. Not only should you file an Answer, but you should also file your own Counter-Complaint. Simply stated, your Answer is to respond to what your husband wants out of the divorce, whereas, your Counter-Complaint is where you place all the things you want out of the divorce.

No, you do not have to have an attorney represent you, but it would probably be wise to do so. I recommend you at least consult with an attorney to receive guidance on the basics to help you avoid making any really serious mistakes in your divorce. If you do not consult with an attorney at all, then you will be unsure if you really have covered all the legal bases in this legal case.

If you do not contest his Complaint, then the divorce will go to a default judgment and he will probably get what he is asking for, and you would not get whatever you could have asked for.

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Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin

Family Law Attorney - Milwaukie, OR

If you don't agree with any of the terms that your husband has asked the Court to order, then that means the case is contested.

You should really consult in private with an attorney in your area if you're going through a divorce. There's no way the internet can be an adequate substitute.

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Lee Alan Thompson

Lee Alan Thompson

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Lancaster, OH

I believe you asked this earlier. Contest that with which don't agree and maybe getting an attorney would be a good idea

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