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Should I contact the Prosecuting Attorney?

Minnetonka, MN |

My step childrens mother was arrested on her 3rd DUI.
She left 2 of her youngest children at home (7months & 3 years) while she left to go to the bar. While pulling into the bar she was pulled over & arrested.
She left the children at home & did not tell her mother that she was leaving.
When her mother heard one of the children crying she got up to find the mother of the children gone.
The prosecuting attorney is now working a plea deal with her to have all her fines waved and her charges lessened.
I find this appauling & want to write a letter to the Prosecuting Attorney. Is this appropriate for me to do or not?

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You certainly can make your feelings known to the court or to the prosecutor. It may or may not make a difference as to what happens. The other parent may speak on behalf of the victims, the children in the car. There is nothing that prevents you from making this contact.


While some people might discount your opinion because of your relationship to the accused, you can certainly make your knowledge of the accused's prior behavior and your concerns about her current behavior known to the prosecutor. You should do this as soon as possible if you want them to take your feelings into consideration. (You might first try calling the prosecutor's office and asking them who is handling the case. This would be faster than writing a letter.) Your concerns are appropriate.


You may certainly contact the prosecuting attorney and express your concerns. However, the issue regarding the children has little to do with the underlying offense and is unllikely to impact the case.


I know of no reason you cannot, if you wish to do so. It might or might not influence the prosecutor.

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