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Should I confess everything or refuse to talk until I talk to an attorney?

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I am 16 and I got romantically involved with a 13 year old. If it helps you relate with me, know she's exactly like someone my age in every way possible except, well, her actual age. Looks, maturity, everything. Anyways, she gave me oral sex before and her mom found her phone and talked to a detective through the police about it. they talked to her about it and she told me they're going to talk to me too, I'm not sure when they are going to do so. Anyways, when they talk to me should I refuse to talk with them until i get an attorney and escalate things further by doing so or just come clean with everything? She also told them that I was 15 (a couple months ago) when she was questioned and we haven't done anything sexual since. I'm very nervous and scared, please help!

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The best advice is to not with any about the case, except for your attorney.


You should immediately remove all factual admissions that you have made in your post. It is possible that the prosecuting attorney could attempt to use those statements against you. DO NOT discuss the facts of the case with anyone but your attorney. DO NOT post anything on Facebook, twitter, etc.. DO NOT discuss it with your friends. Your conversation with your attorney is protected by attorney client privilege. Your attorney is the only person with whom you should be going over your version of what did or didn't happen. If the police attempt to speak with you, you should immediately invoke your Miranda rights and refuse discuss your situation without your attorney present. The police are not there to help you, but are investigating a crime and trying to establish evidence so the prosecutor can prove his/her case against you. If your parents can afford to hire an attorney, you should speak with a local criminal defense attorney ASAP. If they can't afford a private attorney, you should request an assistant public defender if/when the police attempt to question you.


Do not talk with anyone about the facts of the situation until you first talk with an attorney. Equally as important, you should refrain from posting anything further to public forums such as this.

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Contrary to what you said, you will NOT "escalate things further by doing so" if you hire an atty. and/or refuse to talk to them until doing so. If they want to charge you, which I can assure you they do, they will do so whether you make a statement or not (they don't need our statement and you're NOT going to talk your way out of this) and whether you hire an atty. or not. If you are adjudicated delinquent for this offense as a juvenile OR convicted as an adult for it, EITHER WAY you have to register as a sex offender for at least 10 years under current law.

This is not legal advice. This site is only to be used for general information, not advice on what to do with your specific case.

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