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Should I complete a bill-of-sale when selling a firearm to another resident in Georgia?

Woodstock, GA |

If I fill out a bill-of-sale when selling a firearm and have the other party list their name, address and phone number and verify they are legal to own a firearm and we both sign and date it is this a legally binding document even if it is not notarized?

As an example, if the firearm was stolen from the person I sold it to and I was questioned about it as the original owner could I show the bill-of-sale as proof of a transfer of ownership?

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A signed bill of sale will be competent evidence of the transaction even though it is not notarized. There is no requirement of a bill of sale in Georgia but it certainly could not hurt to have it. I have attached a link to a good and informative sight regarding Georgia Firearms laws.

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Thanks, that's the info I was looking for.

Morris Hugh Wiltshire Jr.

Morris Hugh Wiltshire Jr.


Happy to help.