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Should I call the probation officer?

Hartwell, GA |

I am estranged from my mother, who is currently on probation. I'm not sure what the offense was, but I do know that if she fails a drug test or violates her probation, she will be sent to jail for 5 years. I have recently discovered that she committed social security fraud, by cashing my brother's checks through forgery, after telling him that his checks ran out when he turned 18. She fraudulently cashed his last two checks. She is also still using drugs, and parks her car away from her house and out of view so it looks like she's never home for random tests. Though my brother hasn't (and probably won't) report the SS fraud, would a probation officer do anything if I called and informed them of the lengths my mother goes to avoid getting random tested? I know where she parks the car.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. I would recommend you try and help your mother with her drug addiction issues and be supportive when she clearly needs help.

  2. Jail is not going to do any good for her in the short or long term. Talk to her about getting treatment for her drug problems. The PO will lock her up.

  3. Generally speaking, the probation officer does not show up at a house, knock on the door and ask the probationer to pee in a cup. A phone call telling the probationer when and where to get a urine or blood test or to suffer the consequences of a refusal (which is marked as positive for drugs if the probationer fails to comply with the testing) is the normal case. Insofar as your brother's soical security checks, all the brother need do is to have his checks direct deposited into his own bank account or change the address where the checks are sent. It is your brother's decision whether he wants to pursue the financial loss he has suffered, not yours. If you are estranged from your mother, how are you coming by the information that she is on drugs, stealing from your brother and if and/or why she is parking her car somewhere other than her driveway? You know the probation officer would do something. What do you want done? Mom in prison or getting help? Either option may be out of your hands but it might do YOU and your brother worlds of good to go to a support group specifically dealing with helping children of addicted parents.

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