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Should I be worried about this shoplifting crime?

Tampa, FL |

I recently went shopping at a boutique in an outdoor shopping mall. I didnt have enough money to buy everything so i took two items and placed them in my bag in the dressing room but bought the other items. Turns out one of the girls working contacted the president of a student organization i am in. should i be worried? im not sure if there is video survalence because i was in a dressing room and it has been a day and the police have not been contacted and i was not caught in the act.

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  1. You should be worried anytime you commit a crime, and especially when you admit to it on a public forum.

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  2. You should worry. But your response should be to not discuss this with anyone but an attorney. You don't seem like you are going to get charged with a crime. Let's keep it that way.

  3. You should not discuss this with anyone except an attorney. Just because someone was not arrested at the time of the crime does not mean that law enforcement still can not forward a case to the state attorney's office.

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  4. You could potentially be charged with a crime. Whether its a misdemeanor or felony will depend on the amount of the clothes taken. Contact an attorney ASAP. Good luck!

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