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Should I attend my boyfriend's immigration hearing and/or write a letter to the immigration judge on his behalf?

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After being in jail for 17 months, the charges against my bf will be dropped this Friday. He inherited his US citizenship from his mother years ago and has been fighting to prove that since he's been in jail. After receiving documents from Jamaica to support his claim, the prosecutor has agreed to drop the charges. But he was told that ICE will come for him once the charges are dropped and likely try to deport him. What are his chances of remaining here? Also, should I go to the court date this week when the charges are dropped? And should I write a letter to the immigration judge on his behalf or attend his immigration hearing(s) or both? I'm scared he may be deported even though he has evidence that he was a minor when his mom became a citizen and he derived his citizenship from her.

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You should talk to his immigration attorney.

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Your fact scenario is way too complicated to spit out a yes or no answer to your question. Your boyfriend definitely needs to seek the advice and guidance of a qualified immigration attorney for assistance. The answers to whether he is or is not a U.S. citizen, the outcome of potential removal proceedings against him, and whether he will be allowed to remain in the U.S. or literally banished from the kingdom hang in the balance and these are simply too important not to seek advice from a professional. You will need to help him do this since he is currently incarcerated and you are not. You can find an immigration lawyer in your area by searcing You shoud probably narrow your search for someone who has particular experience in citizenship issues. Best of luck to you and your boyfriend.

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Thank you for your advice. He actually already has 3 attorneys. He has a criminal lawyer and an immigration lawyer here in the U.S. and he also has a lawyer in Jamaica who got the documents from the Jamaican court regarding his parents marital status (which is the basis for him claiming derivation). I think that the immigration lawyer is going to request a "stay of removal" once ICE picks him up. I just want to know how long all of this will take? Will he get bail while waiting for the proceedings? Isn't he entitled to a speedy trial since he has been incarcerated for so long? I'm just very confused and scared.

Stanley P. Walker

Stanley P. Walker


If he has attorneys already, you should really be directing these questions to them - ones who are familiar with your boyfriend's case. He will, of course, have to authorize them to speak with you about his case. Good luck again.


I agree with my colleague. You should talk to his immigration attorney. He will need a lot of assistance to help him.

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