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Should I ask the court for a Guardian Ad Litem?

Seattle, WA |
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My 9 yr old son stays at his fathers on the weekends. He leaves his son at home by himself, they sleep in an attic and they sleep together. Would a change in parenting plan be enough to prevent putting my 9 yr old at risk when he is at his fathers or should I ask for a GAL?

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  1. If you believe that the environment in which he is residing during visitation poses a threat to his well being, you should Petition the court to modify the PP. You may ask for a GAL, but be warned, you will be expected to pay for the GAL -- there retainers can run anywhere form 2000 to 3000.

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  2. Check out my AVVO Legal Guides on Modification of a Parenting Plan. Leaving the 9 year old alone may violate state law. You can make a referral to CPS, or you could even think about calling the police if your sone is left alone too long.

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  3. It is a good idea to seek a Modification sooner than later should you have a concern. You can ask the court to appoint a GAL so that your son's voice can be heard and best interest advocated for. Its a good idea to seek legal advice in preparing and filing for the Modification and appointment of a GAL.

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