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Should i ask for reinstatement of probation and volunteer to pay restitution when i go in front of the judge.

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i received a court apearance paper for a flashlight that i did not pay for at walmart. i have not had any issues withmy felony probation until this, i was told by walmart employee that they may not presss charges but why would i get a court apperance if this were true? don't know what to expect on my court day?

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Whether or not the company makes a criminal complaint, the fact that you were caught itself is likely a probation violation and that is what the hearing would be about.

Hire a lawyer.

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You need a lawyer for both the Violation of Probation and the underlying theft charge. But yes, you can certainly ask that probation be reinstated, and pay restitution. Good Luck.

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Being involved in this incident could very well violate probation. Walmart is a funny company about these petite theft charges. They typically go for blood, and their loss prevention people usually show up for court. I wouldn't believe anything a Walmart official is telling you. Hire an attorney to deal with this ASAP, before it bites you on your felony probation.

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