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Should I ask for Deferred Adjudication or go to traffic class?

Belleville, MI |

I got a speeding ticket for 84mph in a 75mph on the interstate in Romulus, MI. I have not had any tickets in approximately 20 years and am an airline pilot. The court is offering me to change to "Double Parking" and pay $145. They say "Zero Point violation" and say it "will not abstract to (my) driving record." Does this mean it will be as if nothing happened? Should I ask for deferred adjudication or go to traffic class?

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    I would absolutely accept the offer. I routinely handle tickets in the 34th District Court (and many others in the Metro Detroit Area) and it is absolutely true that Double Parking is a 0 point non-moving violation that does not abstract on to your driving record. That means it is not reported by the court which is the most important feature of this offer. There is no such thing as deferred adjudication in Michigan on civil infractions nor would asking for traffic class better your outcome in this case. By the way, every district court in Michigan operates differently and most, if not all, will not even discuss traffic or driving school. Success in one court does not guarantee success in another and you are most fortunate to be receiving the outcome that you have been offered without counsel. I strongly recommend that you take the plea offer.

    Mark H. Freedman
    Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman, PLC

  2. My advice would be just accept the parking violation. It will not show up on your record. You can take the class which will cost money and the value of your the long run it is more cost effective to take the parking violation and be done with it.

  3. I would definitely take the parking ticket!

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