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Should I apply for disability, get denied, then hire an attorney or hire an attorney before I apply the first time?

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I had spinal surgery in 2007. I was out of work for 6 + months. I was laid off in 2/2010. I have been on unemployment since then. I fell and hurt myself again in 5/2011. I have been unable to do much of anything since then. I have had to take so much medication to dull the pain, I sleep all day and am dizzy and nauseous when I am awake. I cannot work like this.

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    I typically suggest you hire an attorney as early as possible. While it may cost you a fee at the end of a case, Social Security can be daunting. Going to an attorney early allows the attorney to obtain reports from treating doctors, and making other strategic decisions that may allow a quicker case, or at least a successful one. The only time I suggest waiting is if you are 55 or older, in which case you often have a better chance winning at the first level. However, even if you are 55 or older , I would suggest seeing an attorney to assess the likelihood of success at the initial level.

  2. You should hire an attorney first and discuss your case.

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  3. See an attorney. Many attorneys will give you a free consultation and you can at least get some information that will help you make a decision as to whether you want or need an attorney. You may want to consult with more than one as everyone has his/her own style and you will want someone that you feel comfortable speaking to about your medical conditions because you need to be completely forthcoming when speaking to your attorney.

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  4. Get an attorney. An experienced attorney can help you with the application process which may lead you to an early approval verses a denial. Either way it is better to have an attorney who knows your case from the beginning until your approval.

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