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Shoplifting caught at grocery store in Seattle

Seattle, WA |
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So I was caught shoplifing some groceries from grocery store in Seattle today. The total amount was $172. The security guy took me in the back room and asked my information( address, phone number, name, height and weight). I was informed that I will get the letter from court with date that I must attend and fine (up to $750) that I need to pay to the store besides the total amount of groceries that I stole (172) which was returned to store completely. The officer came but didn't go over anything but asked me why I did it.. I said I made a stupid mistake. I am international student and I was planing to get the job and live here. So I am really worrying about my immigration status later if I apply the green card. Would I have record that affect my immigration matter badly? Please help!

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A conviction for the crime of theft can put you at risk for deportation. Please contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to explore you options for resolution of this matter.

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I agree that shoplifting or theft are considered to be crimes of moral turpitude that would get you deported. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney and have them get you a plea bargain that falls under ICE's radar like disturbing the peace or some type of minor petty offense.

The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice.

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You may be able to avoid a conviction if this is your first theft offense by working out a deal with the prosecutor. However, you'll need to either hire an attorney or apply for a public defender to negotiate on your behalf.

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