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Shoplifting and N400

Los Angeles, CA |

My Daughter caught shoplifting 2 years ago. Cops were NOT involved (not arrested , no charges). The LP questioned her, took the item back and also took a photograph/ID number/BOB of her and let her go. She filed her N400 for naturalization and her interview is scheduled end of this month. Will she going to have a problem with her naturalization because of the above mentioned incident?

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    An applicant for naturalization must show, among others, that they are of good moral character. A question that could pop up by the officer is whether she committed any crime for which she was never arrested or or convicted. If she tries to cover this fact up, and USCIS somehow knows about it, this can be seen as lack of good moral character. She should not lie because she will be under oath; however, if the subject is not brought up, she shouldn't volunteer it either. While it probably will not be a problem, based on the facts as you state them, it would be a good idea to consult with an immigration attorney before having the interview.

  2. Not a very good combination. No, she should not have any problem. Not on the facts presented.

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  3. If she was not charged, it should be ok, but if there is any record of this it is bound to come up.

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  4. Since there was no conviction or arrest for that matter, this should not present a problem for your naturalization application.

  5. Normally no if she answered the questions truthfully but a question on the application asks if she ever committed an offense for which she was not arrested. How did she answer? Did you consult an attorney before filing?

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